A prepaid SIM card for visitors in Germany?

If you’re traveling to Germany and you’re planning to use your mobile phone with a local SIM card, there will be just one problem: According to the German law (§111 TKG) the customer must specify a German address during the registration process. Usually, after the activation of the SIM card, the prepaid provider will send a welcome letter by post to the address. If the letter cannot be delivered, the SIM card could be switched off again. During a stay in Germany longer than three or four weeks, this could be very inconvenient. In this case, the card cannot be reactivated during the next stay in Germany.

But there are some options to get a German SIM card without a permanent German address:

  • The company Ortel Mobile is specialized in international SIM cards and, together with the Relay stores, they provide their own SIM card activation touchscreen terminals. The customer can register and unlock the Sim card immediately. According to Ortel Mobile, it is possible to specify the hotel or guesthouse address in Germany. The terminals should be available at all German airports.
  • Some provider’s Sim cards, like Fonic or Congstar, can be bought in drugstores, mobile phone shops or electronics stores and they also accept the address of the guesthouse or hotel. Nevertheless, the costumer should ask the customer service of the provider in advance.
  • It is also possible to let deliver the Sim card to a German address of a relative or a friend. Again, this should be discussed with the provider to be sure.

In any case, the customer cannot order a German SIM card before the travel and have it sent abroad. All the German providers of prepaid SIM cards send their products only to a German address. So it is not easy to get a German SIM card, but it is also not impossible. To use the local mobile rate, you have the already mentioned possibilities.